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I heard he overdosed and they found him in a hotel bathroom on twitter! Idk i hope it's not real

I’m late because of school but it’s totally fake! I had to find out about it that same day. The account isn’t a real news account. Abel tweeted since then anyway, so you probably already know that but just for the record, its fake and it will ALWAYS be fake. I cant take losing him.

did Abel really overdose in a hotel bathroom?!


Hey I hope you are beginning to feel better. I was just curious on how you feel about the lack of women of color in Abel's media. At first I didn't really anything of it until I read some of the comments on his recent IG posts. I love your stories by the way!!!

I actually just got discharged from the hospital and I’m trying to recover. I’ll be fine though. Thank you for thinking of me! :) I’m sorry for being late on this message. I was in the hospital when I received it.

Anyway, I checked out his most recent pics on IG a few days ago and I could only imagine what the comments would have said judging by the looks of the photos, a party with half naked white women and a bunch of black / colored men.

I’ve actually answered this question on several occasions. It may have been paraphrased each time but it definitely isn’t the first time I’ve answered a question based on race between African American women and Caucasian women dealing with Abel. It’s probably my MOST asked question by Abel’s fans honestly. I don’t mind answering it because I see that it is a major problem within the fam-base. This is probably the deepest and most controversial problem within Abel’s fan-base. It’s a sad truth but it also DIVIDES the entire fan base into whites and blacks and who’s on top? White women of course. It’s a problem and many choose to avoid it because it’s said, controversial. I don’t care though. I’ll touch base on anything I stand for and get called a “closed minded bigot” for it. It’s going to be long, READ AT YOUR OWN WILL. So here goes:

I think of it this way, Abel grew up in Scarborough, Ontario. Besides habesha people, there probably were a lot of whites in the area. We live by what we learn / see. He probably grew up in a predominately white area and had many experiences with white women because of that, innocently so. We don’t choose where we are born. For that, I believe Abel has a liking to many features white women have (blonde / brunette straight hair, blue / green eyes, pale / tanned skin). Abel makes his music out of true events and experiences so it’s only natural to depict his art with white women, if these were TRUE experiences. It’s like he depicted Kiss Land with many Japanese themes and women simply because he actually experienced going to Japan. However, it’s a catch 22. I don’t mind Abel liking how white women look nor depicting them if he’s had experiences with them BUT I have to add that they are set on a pedestal in the fan base. Abel uses an image for The Weeknd and for his music. The imagery is dark, sexualized, drug induced, and reckless. Now, to depict that imagery, Abel uses women who have been stereotyped as such. Hence the drunk, wild, half naked, white women. Its a true stereotype that white women are “airheads” (he called his fans this at one point) and are easy to get to party and sleep with. I don’t go by stereotypes but a lot of people feed into them. If Abel’s music represents parties, then so do the white girls. The white women are more of props if you ask me. It’s like having symbolism (something Abel loves to use). I think Abel likes how white women look (not meaning to degrade any other race of women), grew up in an area with a lot of white women, and uses white women to correlate with his image for The Weeknd. At the same time, there’s separation going on in the fan base. A lot of his white fans are set on a pedestal as “sexy” while the rest of the women are simply just there. I mean if you checked out the Kiss Land Fan Page tumblr and instagram last year, you’ll see that 95% of the pictures were of naked white women fans who were being put on a pedestal by Abel and his entire crew and also the male xo fans. Most photos that showed black women were laughed at and / or questioned in the commentary. The likes were less on photos of black women than on the white women’s photos. The white women were personally ASKED to get naked in photos for the Kiss Land pages and none of different races. What message is that giving to the other races in Abel’s fan base? "White women are sexier than you. That’s why we asked for their pictures and not yours."  That’s what it seems like. Now, like I said, this is a problem within the fan base and it simply makes Abel look like a self hating racist. We know that’s not the case but many women are affected by this. It makes women of other races feel they aren’t “good enough” for Abel when we ALL love him equally and ALL work our asses off to support him. Every time we go on Instagram we’re faced with the reality that white women are the epitome of Abel’s fan base. Most of the time when someone says “XO Fans are HOT!!” who’s in the picture of their example? A WHITE woman sporting XO apparel. No you’re not directly telling us white women are accepted but we get the message anyway.

I had a white female XO fan just recently comment on a picture of me on my IG and tell me “Abel will never want you” straight like that. Now mind you, we weren’t following each other and that picture was old. She was looking for someone to degrade. It’s as if some of Abel’s white fans feel as if they are the “most loved” in his eye sight and they’ll let you know too. I had a few anons comment on my story I Won’t Give Up and tell me that Abel only likes white girls so they didn’t think the girl in the story would ever be of Abel’s interest simply because she was mixed with Italian and black. She wasn’t even fully black. What does that tell you? There’s a problem within this fan base and it’ll only get worse as it grows. I’m not speaking only for black women but for any race of women who loves Abel. It’s a vicious thing to be told that you aren’t good enough to be in this fan base simply because of your race. Damn, how low can you go? We ALL love Abel. Whether we’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Habesha, gay, straight, whatever. We just love Abel. That’s what it should be about.

Spread the love, not the race.

Oh and by the way, I realize that this is a growing problem in the XO fan base and I even was a victim of the segregation in this fan base. I felt like I wasn’t accepted in the XO world because I was competing with a bunch of naked white women. I understand. So for that, I’m going to be writing a new XO fan fiction all about it. It’s called Broken Mirrors and it’ll be out soon. Love you. XO. - Nina


My blog turned 2 today! :)

My blog turned 2 today! :)

Which parts are Turkish in often

In the backdrop all through the song there are Turkish lyrics from an old Turkish song Ben sana vurgunum by Nukhet Duru’

ladiosanegra said: and Turkish in Often!

  • thanks babe, totally forgot Often had foreign backdrops. xo.
Feel better babe!!! 😘😘😄

thank you love! I miss you all so much! <3 you have no idea!

Do any of the weeknd song have Arabic in there ?

No, unfortunately there haven’t been any Arabian samples and / or inspirations in Abel’s music. Although, I have heard French and Japanese before. And like someone pointed out to me, there’s Turkish in Often. I forgot about that one lol.

Hey can u post the pics of Abel with chest hair

Sure! This is the only one I’ve seen thus far.

Sorry for the late response as well! I’ve been sick. Forgive me <3 xo.





The Weeknd Aka Abel Tesfaye with fierce hair & friends depart Bootsy Bel…

Oh my gosh, poor baby. I hate this for him. thrill-xo, joinanxotrip, to-die—in-paradise, ovo-yonna

Awwww, it looks like he’s saying that they left someone/something behind. But then they’re like “Just go. Just go.” Because of the people taking pics/video. Paparazzi are such trash.

I was told he was telling them that they were blocking the car he couldn’t get out

The weeknd last night in LA

I was just wondering if the trilogy is an album or a mixtape because this dude said it was a mixtape but isn't his first albums just filled with his mixtapes? Lol

ugh, I didn’t even see this message! I’ve been sick, I’m so sorry! Trilogy is an ALBUM of previously made MIX TAPES with 3 bonus songs on them. Its an album because it was commercially released world wide. Now where the mix tape part comes in at, is from the music itself. Abel just re-recorded or “remastered” all 27 songs from his 2011 mix tapes, House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence and packaged them all up into one album Trilogy. The three last songs to each disc were new, never before heard, songs he recorded and released as bonus tracks for his fans. That’s why the guy said it was a “mix tape” because literally it is, it’s an album of his MIX TAPES.

you just don&#8217;t know&#8230;&#8230;&#8230; 😠😒😠😒😠😒 #Jealous

you just don’t know……… 😠😒😠😒😠😒 #Jealous


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